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CMS Websites

You want full control over your website, of course you do. But you wouldn’t be hiring a developer if you knew how to code, would you? That’s where CMSs (Content Management Systems) come into their own.

Even if you have only the most basic computer literacy skills you can add text, images and, well, anything you want to your own website using the intuitive user interface of WordPress ™.
But Isn’t WordPress a free blogging platform? Yes it is, and the most popular blogging platform in the world! But as well as this it can also be used as an extremely powerful CMS. Designed for those who don’t know how to code, the backend administration gives you the power to add, edit and organise the content of your website; any time of day and safe in the knowledge that everything is backed up should you make a mistake.

If you have never used a CMS before, or even if you have, I make sure that you feel comfortable working with WordPress before your site goes live. As with all things unfamiliar there is a learning curve involved but I am confident that if you can use Microsoft Word you will have no problems using WordPress. And if you find you do, I’m always on hand to help.

Responsive Design

The way people are accessing the web is changing. More and more people are accessing websites through mobile devices (phones and tablets) either on the move or at home. That’s why having a website which adapts to the multitude of screen sizes through which your potential customers will be viewing your site is becoming increasingly important.
Previously, websites would have two separate designs and redirect mobile users to, effectively, a different website. Having a responsive design means keeping all of the features of your main website but making the layout optimised for any screen size. Try it for yourself; resize this window and see how the layout changes!

Always on Hand

If you need something changing or if something has gone wrong you can be sure that I’m only a phonecall away,

Your Ideas

You have the final say in all aspects of design. I will offer my advice but your website is your website.


Web technology is constantly changing but you can be sure that your website will meet the latest standards and, so far is possible, remain up-to-date.

Clear Communication

I work closely with each client to make sure their needs are met and their ideas taken into account.

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